Creating an Organizational Culture Dedicated to Delivering Peace of Mind to Our Customer


LCPVC PLASTIC is a family owned business with a product portfolio that provides our customers with the highest quality products from industry leading suppliers.


Established long term supply partnerships allow Lcpvc to be the conduit to providing customers with product lines from global suppliers with unique offerings in both the commodity and specialty engineered marketplace. Industry knowledge, dependability and integrity along with an impressive product portfolio, creates unmatched value in the distribution marketplace for both our customers and our suppliers.

Real People, Real Results!

Quality of product and customer service. We haven’t had issues with Lcpvc's products, sales rep and technical side. None with questions on new material, future materials or arrangement of delivery of material because we’ve been prompt with little hassle. – Chris S. | 


Ongoing customer and technical support. They help manage our PVC compound with market trends. They’re there when we need them; if we have a question about any PVC granules, they’re my first stop. – Inga A. | 


Their ability to react to immediate request and manage our account and inventory needs. – Chuck G.| 


They provide a consistent product, extremely competitive pricing, availability for us, their sales person is extremely responsive and manages our account by keeping an eye on things. Customer service offers smooth back and forth communication. When I place an order, I’m 100% confident that all will go well. – Jon C. |


Lcpvc makes sure the product is what we need and is priced competitively. – Dianna S. | 


They’re transparent on pricing. Good-to-great customer service. Attentive and will jump through hoops for certain needs. – Tony H |