Our Team

Longcheng Plastic formulate and produce top quality PVC compounds for all the customers.


If you have specific requirements or properties you need to meet,please call us on      +86 0573 8861 8523 or email us by sales@lcpvc.info,once we received it,we will process your requests quickly.We are staffed with more than 20 years of compounding expertise and have all the equipment needed to get the compound that meets your requirements to your facility rapidly.Color matching is no problem with equal experience,expertise and equipment to meet your color needs.

We offer fast, proactive customer support and work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the best possible service.

With many years of international trading experience we operate on a global scale. We are specialists in all aspects of exporting materials.

Our extensive facilities ensure we provide the shortest lead times in the PVC compound industry.

We are waiting for your requirements and offer you the best service.