Common Problems and Solutions for the Using of PVC Heat Shrinkable Film

In the process of shrinking packaging of PVC heat shrinkable film, some problems are often encountered, such as the flatulence, atomization and Fish-eye wrinkles of the shrinkable film.

These problems can be corrected by adjusting machine settings. The most commonly adjusted packaging machine's temperature, circulation air velocity, conveyor speed, number of air holes and shrink film size.

PVC shrinkage film packaging use problem one :

• Flatulence

Hot air is kept in the contraction membrane


1. Increasing the number of air permeable holes to expedite air leakage from the shrinkage film

2, Slowing down the speed of the conveyor belt and let the hot air leak out of the shrinkable film for a longer time.

3. The temperature of the higher packing machine helps to leak out the air from the shrink film

PVC shrink film packaging use problem two:

• Atomization

The surface of a contraction film becomes blurred, like a mist.


1. Reducing the temperature of the packing machine and the high temperature are the causes of the atomization of the shrinkable film

2, adjust the speed of the conveyer belt of the packer, and reduce the time of the shrinkable film to contact the heat.

PVC shrink film packaging use problem three:

·Fish eye shaped wrinkle

A fish eye shaped wrinkle on the surface of a contractile membrane


1. The temperature of the shrink packing machine is too low to raise the temperature of the packing machine.

2. The speed of the conveyor belt is too fast to reduce the speed of the conveyor belt.

3. The circulation wind of the shrink packing machine is too low to turn the circulating wind down.

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