Several factors affecting the brightness of cable pvc compound materials

Several factors affecting the brightness of cable pvc compound materials

The PVC cable material is a granule prepared by adding a stabilizer such as a stabilizer, a whitening agent, a plasticizer, an inorganic filler such as calcium carbonate, an auxiliary agent and a lubricant, and kneading and extruding.

Main factors affecting the brightness of cable materials

Plasticizer: The brighter and longer the molecular chain is, the brighter it is. If 1030 is brighter than TOTM, DOA is brighter than DOP.

Stabilizer: It also has an effect. Generally, it is brighter and brighter. Brightener: Improve the whiteness and brightness of cable materials, giving people a sense of appearance, adding a ratio of one ten thousandth to three ten thousandths.

PVC resin powder: The lower the degree of polymerization, the brighter the S-60 is on the S-70.

Calcium carbonate: the finer the granule size, the brighter the surface, the lighter calcium is brighter than the heavy calcium, and the ultra-fine light calcium is brighter than ordinary light calcium. For example, CCR501 is brighter than white cherry, this need not be said, other inorganic functions such as antimony trioxide or aluminum hydroxide. The principle of the filler is the same, of course, the filler is less bright than the filler, so these things can be less and less, and the powder can be used.

Process: Of course, the extrusion temperature is high and the temperature is low. The mixing effect is good. The black powder with good mixing effect (such as 50L, etc.) should not exceed 0.8PHR. Otherwise, the pvc granules will not be bright.

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